Part 1

Immunize your wholesale business with Localit

Who is the Localit for?

Localit – an IT solution developed by e-point.com for international wholesale business to #SupportLocalCommerce. It helps to counteract the negative effects that Coronavirus has on wholesale and local business.

Watch now - Part 1

The wholesale ecosystem appears to be fragile. Consumers have stopped buying in local stores. It means that they do not generate revenue. Local stores were forced to reduce orders from wholesale. It has a direct impact on the wholesale industry.Immunize your wholesale business with Localit. In this video, Victor and Michael are describing a new e-commerce solution for local stores – owned and managed by wholesale.

"The Localit is an e-commerce solution for local stores owned and managed by wholesale." #SupportLocalCommerce
"The Localit is not only remedy for the Coronavirus. It is a future of local commerce and wholesale industry."

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